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Cybersecurity 101

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50 Hours


LKR 200 000 / US$ 615

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Mr M Athavan ( 10+ years of industrial experience )


  1. Introduction to Hacking Lab:
    • Purpose and significance of a hacking lab
    • Overview of tools and environments
  2. Setting up a Hacking Environment:
    • Virtualization tools and configurations
    • Creating a secure testing environment
  3. Common Hacking Techniques:
    • Overview of prevalent hacking methods
    • Ethical hacking principles and responsible use

Module 2: Introduction to Linux

  1. Understanding Linux:
    • Basics of the Linux operating system
    • File system structure and navigation
  2. Linux Permissions:
    • User roles, permissions, and security implications
    • Changing file permissions
  3. Package Management:
    • Installing and updating software in Linux
    • Dependency management and securing the package manager
  4. Security Best Practices in Linux:
    • User account management
    • Configuring and monitoring firewalls

Module 3: Reconnaissance

  1. Overview of Reconnaissance:
    • Significance in cybersecurity
    • Types: passive and active reconnaissance
  2. Passive Reconnaissance:
    • Gathering information without direct interaction
    • Utilizing open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools
  3. Active Reconnaissance:
    • Techniques like DNS enumeration and network scanning
    • Avoiding detection during active reconnaissance

Module 4: Scanning

  1. Scanning Techniques:
    • Overview of port scanning methods
    • Network mapping with tools like Nmap
  2. Vulnerability Scanning:
    • Identifying weaknesses in a system
    • Use of automated tools for vulnerability assessment

Module 5: Vulnerability Analysis

  1. Understanding Vulnerabilities:
    • Common software vulnerabilities
    • Impact on cybersecurity
  2. Manual Vulnerability Assessment:
    • Hands-on identification and analysis of vulnerabilities
    • Reporting and remediation strategies

Module 6: Exploitation & Gaining Access

  1. Exploitation Techniques:
    • Introduction to common exploitation methods
    • Utilizing exploit frameworks (e.g., Metasploit)
  2. Gaining Access:
    • Post-exploitation phases
    • Escalating privileges and maintaining persistence

Module 7: Post Exploitation

  1. Post-Exploitation Activities:
    • Post Exploiting theory
    • Meterpreter Basic
    • Elevating Privileges with Different Modules
    • Creating Persistence on the Target if possible¬†
    • Post Exploiting Module

Module 8: Vulnerability Patching

  1. Intro to Vulnerability Patching:
    • The importance of timely patching
    • Patch management lifecycle
  2. Patch Management Strategies:
    • Planning and scheduling patch deployments
    • Challenges and best practices
  3. Security Impact of Patching:
    • Balancing security needs with system stability
    • Assessing and mitigating risks associated with patching
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